Groupe Conseil Saint-Denis


Since 1983, the Groupe Conseil Saint-Denis (GCSD) has helped unemployed people find a new purpose in their professional lives and their place in the labour market.

Over the course of deep transformations that the labour market has gone through in recent years, the GCSD managed to adapt its offer of services and expertise in order to meet the needs of a more diverse clientele who reexamines its professional life or faces obstacles to join or rejoin the labour market.

The GCSD offers multifaceted support by taking into consideration the diversity of individual cases. It also encompasses the entire process for a harmonious integration into the labour market.

The GCSD proposes a wide range of services that meet the needs of young people, experienced workers, immigrants, and even those who have experienced job burnout.

Additionally, the GCSD helps companies and organizations to strengthen their employer brand and their employee experience, by meeting their needs to recruit motivated and qualified staff.

Our diversified services are based on an in-depth knowledge on the challenges and reality of the labour market.

Our values

Keeping in mind the individual at the heart of its concerns, the GCSD leans on four essential values that guide its individual and collective actions.


Respect refers to the consideration we show toward others. It is based on the notion that each individual should be treated with regard and dignity.


Solidarity reminds us individually and collectively to mobilize our skills and expertise toward achieving our mission, to the advantage of the people who seek our services.


Professionalism refers to our ability to offer high-quality services with integrity, honesty and empathy.


Accountability refers to our ability to take responsibility, bring to completion and report. It appeals to our personal responsibility and aligns with a problem-solving perspective.
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